Where Feet May Wander

Inspired by a love for travel, and a love for eye catching forms and patterns and beautiful light, I bring you Where Feet May Wander.

From majestic landscapes and city scenes to meandering, forgotten pathways and the small lovely things, this is a collection of some of those things that have caught my eye along the way.

Featured Series: Ethereal

Ethereal (i-ˈthir-ē-əl )

“something extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world”

These images evoke a sense of the ethereal, the otherworldly feeling that certain light can lend to otherwise typical scenes.

About Lisa

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I have an insatiable desire to travel the world, and the more places I go, the bigger the bucket list.  From wide sweeping cliffs in Ireland to tucked away corners in France or Amsterdam, love to see it all AND to document it all.  

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British Columbia, Canada